Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 Amazing Facial Sweating Remedies

Facial sweating can feel like one of the hardest places on the body to treat. I should know, I suffered with it for a long while. It is the most noticeable sort of exorbitant sweating and the situation can make you feel pretty helpless. Your face is right there, out in the open, dripping with wild perspiration and no matter how many times you dab it away with a hankie, those embarrassing beads of sweat pop back up again.

Listen, I know what it's like. I have been in your shoes. But, I'm chuffed to tell you that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Relief is on the way with the 3 effective facial sweating treatments I'm about to expose to you. So, pay attention because these small sweat remedies are going to stop the face taps for good!

Before we get started though, I just want to emphasise that with any of these treatments, you would like to always look out for irritation on your face. Even though these treatments are mild, everybody's body chemistry is different.

Also, as I am sure you already know, you can't just roll a robust deodorant onto your face ( yes, like a fool, I gave it a try once ). You'd utterly break out in a rash, hives, dry patches and who can say what else. Plus, having deodorant residue on your face isn't the most appealing look. Because of this, I've listed mild, proven cures below, that might start giving your results within minutes after application.

Let's begin with the first treatment!

1. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel extract can be acquired at most healthfood shops, drugstores or grocery stores. It's extracted from the plant's bark, twigs and leaves. I was totally unversed in witch hazel when I first learned of this facial sweating remedy but let me tell you - it works wonders!

Witch hazel has natural acid properties so it gradually dries the skin and also inhibits inflammation. It dries up oily skin, decreases the appearance of pores and acts as a natural antiperspirant for you are facing. You want to try this.

What I love most about witch hazel is how gentle it is on the skin. I really decreases rosiness due to its anti-inflammatory properties! Begin with a thin application layer and fall head over heels in love with this natural treatment for facial sweating remedies.

2. Aloe Vera Juice

This is a more watered down version of the popular aloe vera sold as a moisturizer. When applied to the skin, aloe vera has a nice cooling effect. This makes it particularly handy during hotter seasons like summer or spring. However , if your excessive sweating fires not by temperature but by hyperhidrosis ( a condition of excessive sweating not matter what temperature it is ), you will find your results to be more short term.

I suffered from hyperhidrosis which is why this treatment was a little less effective for me. That said , I've used aloe vera for my facial sweating before and i want to give you my totally truthful review. Aloe vera works great as a non permanent fix ( prohibits sweating for approximately 2 or 3 hours ). My conclusion? If you've got a hot date or a upcoming business meeting and you want to keep your complexion dry, aloe vera is a wonderful, fast fix.

3. Maxim Facial Wipes

Last but decidedly not least is a guaranteed winner. Maxim Facial Wipes are deodorant wipes made especially for facial sweating. Although, I'm not sure what chemicals hold back the sweating, they act as a wonderful acid for your excessive forehead sweating
and actually keep you dry.

The wipes are manufactured by a company in the UK. You can find them at At any rate, try the natural treatments noted above first. They are cheaper, proved and don't need a dependency on a particular manufacturer. If they fail to do the job for you, it's time to give the Maxim Wipes a shot.